The teaching of Professor George Alder

We were fortunate to have George Alder as a friend and mentor early in our married life. He taught for 28 years at what is now William Jessup University, in California (then known as San Jose Christian College). George’s subjects included Greek, logic, literature, New Testament, Speech and basic Christian faith.

One of his favorite books was 1st John. Another was Hebrews. Having listened to him teach on these two books a number of times, you might think I’d heard enough of them. But the opposite is true; both have become favorites of mine for personal study, as they were for George.

After spending nearly three years writing a book that covers the first three chapters of Genesis — Perfection Collides With Free Will — I had occasion to look back through my file of old notes saved from George’s teaching. I was surprised to find how much of what I learned from him had helped to shape the way I study and even on how I think about some of the topics that he first introduced me to when I was in my middle twenties. Even some of my thoughts on Genesis began to form after first hearing him.

Check him out for yourself here:

Listening to an old recording isn’t as good as hearing George in person, but it will have to do for now. — Gary Williams