Perfection Collides With Free Will — Learning about relationships from Genesis, Jesus & his apostles

Written by Gary A. Williams

The world around us is rapidly redefining – and even rejecting – traditional gender descriptions.  In this book, read what the timeless wisdom of the Bible tells us about God’s original plan … and what happened to change it.  Insights come from the first three chapters of Genesis and the words and actions of Jesus and his disciples. 

Reviews from readers

“This book gave me a new perspective on Adam and Eve, and on what the Bible actually says about male-female relationships and roles, not only at the time of Creation, but during New Testament times as well. Gary does a great job of explaining what the Apostle Paul really wrote about women by going back to the meaning of the Greek words Paul chose. The book is very reader-friendly and at the end of each chapter is a helpful summary of the main points.” – Kathy S, reviewed on Amazon

“A ‘cradle Christian,’ baptized decades ago, I’ve been reading/studying Genesis for a long time, but Gary Williams’ in-depth study of its verses in his book was truly enlightening and inspiring. His fresh insights and practical logic about marriage made me see a richness I’d never before grasped. Having known Gary and Raelene for years, I can attest that they are living examples of the truths Gary proclaims in Perfection Collides With Free Will. Highly recommend.” – Felicia S, reviewed on Amazon

“This book by Williams added to my life. It offers readers insight and perspective on male-female relationships and gender roles — using God’s wisdom, not societal wisdom. It also highlights our relationships with God. As the author writes, ‘God created humans and put us on Earth for a purpose. That purpose is to be in relationship with Him and with one another.’  Sin breaks relationship, Williams notes. His book is a powerful reminder that blame and power struggles have been getting in the way of our relationships — with God and man — since the Garden of Eden. Checking in with God’s guidance for marriage and church leadership, emphasizing that both genders are created in God’s image, equal and needing one another, was time well spent!”  – Writer&Reader, reviewed on Amazon

“I ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend this book.  I can see many different settings: premarital counseling, church groups, religious and secular college classes, first year seminary students, pastors giving a series of sermons from the book of Genesis or on the subject of male/female/marriage relationships, to name only a few.   I especially enjoyed your injection of humor.” – Dr. Stanley Johnson, Pastor, Saratoga, CA

“I am a little stunned at how much this book is helping my spirit and heart right now. May it bless plenty of other people, too.”  – Casey Elliott, Co-Founder, Peter James Coffee Ltd.

“I like the direction that you took and appreciate the thoughtful way you navigate the tension of science/faith as well as the traditional/progressive view of male and female roles.” – Dr. Youwan Kang, Intervarsity USA Associate Regional Director, Cupertino, CA

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